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SATEX focuses on customer requirements.

A joint working evolution has allowed SATEX to be a leader B2B textile provider.


B2B Company

For over 30 years, SATEX has constantly demonstrated tradition and innovativeness for productivity, engineering brilliance and unequalled manufacturing quality. A fact evidenced by global networking and concentrated in Northern South America and Panama Canal Region. As the leader B2B group, SATEX, consultants and its top Textile Engineer Saul Arboleda.

"I started operations in 1972 with dyestuff and polymers. Today as the number one "Just in Time" B2B textile provider in Colombia. The yarn and finishes allow a trouble free operation lowering the larger maintenance cost factor and by testing of production on Textilemaschinen-2nds on exclusive basis. I have discovered that my yarn provides reliability at the highest speeds possible.

I believe that SATEX represents a quality product and remains so. This is the reason why high caliber productions use my yarn throughout the process. The primary motivator behind my B2B is my yarn and machines were possible."


Full competence in: Primary Spinning, Secondary Spinning, Sizing,Weaving-Knitting, Pretreatment, Dyeing, Printing, Softening, Finishing.

From Fibers to Finish

SATEX as your B2B provider will always provide you with:

  1. Never ending supply yarn and color selection
  2. Reliability and trouble free production
  3. Cost effectiveness
  4. Maximize benefit by a well experienced staff


Since 1972, we have been making sure that opportunity is well directed, that textile machines have been in operation and ready to produce using our yarns for our customers.