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SATEX yarns are our number one selling product in Colombia, vibrant , shiny colors and trouble free make it the most succesful trendsetting designer choice.

SATEX costs very little... out perfoms many...

Seldom do textile out perform trouble free at little cost with such wealth of application expertise. Paying off in uniform, consistent yarn packages. Satifying designers with smooth running performance.

SATEXES engineering specialist provide the best combination of performance, cost-effectiveness and reliability, to the highest value in texttiles. Every SATEX customer reflects an individual solution, encompassing unequaled understanding and practice.

If you are serious about performance, contact us and discover how a small investment in quality can pay invaluable dividends in satisfying your business needs.

Think SATEX... think performance. Contact us.

The birth of a new product often involves collaboration among various parties in the production chain, from upstream suppliers that develop materials for downstream uses to marketers who recognize coming trends. SATEX takes a woking approach. Makes it a classic. Makes it trouble free.